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Graphic Design: Creation of the Oddies


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If you've stumbled upon a certain purple alien lifeform on any of our platforms, then you've met Oddie. In Autumn 2017, we decided it was time that Odd Republic had a "face" which would be associated with our brand -- resulting in the creation of Oddie. He went through several adjustment phases to reach the finalized version we currently have. While he is the front-runner in our branding, in 2018 we decided to expand this angle and create the community of Oddies. The Oddies are non-human lifeforms all interconnected with one another as part of a species, despite their noticeably different physiques and personalities. In January 2018, we developed, designed, and launched five more unique members of the Oddies for our branding campaigns. The Oddies can be found anywhere from our social media posts to company presentations, but we use them sparingly to avoid an intergalactic takeover. The new Oddies, alongside the original Oddie, all underwent an intensive sketching process, filtering out the best options before digitalizing them. The community of Oddies will gradually increase in the future, introducing new lifeforms to maintain the oddness and continue the endless stream of creativity. For now, take a closer look at our current Oddies and a little about who they are:


The first lifeform of their kind to arrive on our planet. After circling the galaxy, he found the most “oddness” to be here with us and decided to stick around. He is hard-working and full of energy, always looking for new places to go and adventures to embark on. He is friendly and enjoys spending time with all sorts of creatures.


Very childish, brainless but at the same time very loving and caring and has a good heart. Always doing stupid mistakes without recognizing. He likes collecting rocks and keeping them. He is the stupidest among all oddies


Always chilled, his passion is sleeping. He is very slow, sleepy, and not talkative. He is a huge fan of junk food, especially burgers and fries. The slowest among all oddies. Although he cares about resting, he is very kind and calm. However, you can’t count on him, ‘cause he is very irresponsible and forgetful, but it’s only because he thinks about food, sleep, and tv shows. He is also very bad at giving advice, ‘cause he doesn’t have any interest in life and its meaning.


The most active one among other oddies. He is full of life and very curious. Likes to know everything about everyone. He is very energetic, likes to jump with the help of his ears, and likes to create tongue twisters.


The happiest and wisest among all oddies. He is very relaxed and likes to meditate a lot. Very calm and peaceful creature, who is very open minded, always ready to listen and take care of the situation by giving wise and helpful advice. Never wants to harm anyone, on contrary always does small things to make everyone happy without expecting something in return.

Snack Monster

A huge fan of snacks, especially potato chips. He is always hungry, even if he eats everyone’s’ food, he will remain hungry all day. The funniest among all oddies. Every single noise or word he makes are v ery funny to everyone. Although, sometimes his jokes can sound very stupid and harsh, he will never care and will continue by inventing different types of jokes. He is a big mouth and better not to trust him, because he will tell everyone your secrets through his jokes, so better not to trust him with serious stuff.

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