A credible partner with proven sales growth and customer satisfaction
Gain higher revenues and profits through much cheaper outsourcing costs
Make a strong connection with your clients as we provide cost-effective and quality work.
Attract new customers as you offer more services
Support your clients with our experienced account managers
Partnership types
Partnership type 1: Your own client First type of partnership is ideal for Digital Agencies providing services on their behalf and wanting to outsource part of or entire projects without client knowing it. In this type of partnership Odd Republic acts as a white partner. Meaning, that you are the one who signs a contract with a client. We can be either mentioned as an outsourcing partner in the contract with a client or not, you are the one to decide.
Partnership type 2: Referred client We will add 30% to our price for the requested services and give the final price to the client. For example, if our price is $1000, we add $300 (your profit) and give the client our final price. That is $1300. For not leaving the tax burden on your company we will sign contract with the client on behalf of Odd Republic. We are taking all contractual obligations from the moment the contract is signed.

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