There is so much to do but no way to organize it, you end up forgetting or neglecting tasks and eventually lacking the motivation to do them: we’ve all been there. Luckily, the latest trend which promises heightened productivity levels is bullet journaling. This is a creative alternative for those with too much on their plate to keep in mind or those who simply cannot get around to doing most of their obligations. We’re going to crack the case on bullet journaling and exactly how much it is the best method for increasing productivity.

First off, What is It?


A bullet journal is a type of notepad which has bullet points that you can use to your advantage and decorate in any way that you like. Unlike the traditional lined notebooks, you decide how many lines you want, if you want boxes, or other figures and charts on each page. The standard pages for bullet journaling are calendars, which you can customize according to your needs by choosing monthly, weekly, or even daily options. The primary goal of the journal is to keep your tasks organized, so this is usually the main aspect of the journal, and the rest is up to your creative desires. Other popular pages to include are mood trackers, finance trackers, chore lists, meal planning, movie and book recommendations, health and medical trackers, birthday reminders and gift ideas, notes, and so on.

The Creative Side


Bullet journals became popular mostly for their do-it-yourself nature which allows anyone to personalize it however they like, instead of filling in the blanks of store-bought notebooks and calendars. This is also the main reason why many find journaling therapeutic since you can get your life in order and unleash your creativity onto the paper at the same time, it’s a win-win. You can choose to go all out abstract with your journal or minimalistic and clean depending on which you prefer. This aspect also brings the feeling of intimacy with the process since you become tied with tailoring your journal every few days, if not every day if you have the time and dedication.

Exactly how Productive?


How much your bullet journal affects your increased productivity is ultimately up to you. Even with the most organized journal, your productivity may stop there and not reflect on your real-life actions. The journal acts as a means to keep you interested in the tasks which may often seem boring and to keep everything organized in the palm of your hands. How you use this newfound organization and directing it towards your productivity is a personal decision. Bullet journaling may not increase your productivity if you spend too much or too less of your time on the process. Some may get lost in the journaling process that they neglect the actual tasks and get carried away with organizing but not acting. Even if you can’t journal every day, at least once a week is also enough to keep track of everything you need to do in the upcoming days so you are able to concentrate during the peak days of the week.

Summing Up

If you are looking for a new way to boost your productivity and motivation levels, then give bullet journaling a shot. Getting a journal isn’t an expensive investment towards increasing your productivity whether you are a student or have full-time job. If you are able to commit to this method and use it to your advantage, you will have a peaceful solution to getting all your tasks and goals on track.

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