It has surely crossed everyone's mind at some point in their lives to create a website. Whether it be to talk about toys and cartoons as a kid or share insightful blog posts and showcase our business as an adult. At the point that we realize we actually have the opportunity to do this, we are faced with the never-ending list of things to consider: domain, design, content, technicality, and so on, which may seem complicated and pricey at first, and to an extent it is both. Luckily, along with this growing demand came new ways to acquire a website on a budget, and we will cover the top 3 methods to create yours without breaking the bank.

Free Website Builders


Getting a website now may be as cheap as absolutely free. Free website building platforms give you a free domain and a functioning website to use to your satisfaction. These are easy to operate with the simplified editing and design tools but also customizable if you know thing or two about web design and want to experiment. This is the best option for those who aren't looking to make money off the website or need it for personal reasons which doesn't require heavy marketing and PR to gain an audience. For example, blogging, product reviewing, online portfolio, discussion community, and so on. Especially if you are still a newcomer in your online presence, you don't need a fancy shmancy website off the bat without an audience to send you bankrupt.

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Outsource, Outsource, Outsource


I said it three times because it's most likely three times as affordable to outsource in the modern day market. If you need your website made for the most competitive prices in the market in an adequate amount of time than this is the best option for you. You can visit websites like,,, and so on to post your criteria for the website you want made and then find a freelancer with the skillset to carry out your project. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of account management, bids, and looking through portfolios then opt for an outsourcing agency or digital agencies that offers outsource services. These companies will pair you up with a skilled professional who will take care of your requirements to ensure that you get the quality of a professional at the price of outsourcing.

Build it On a Template


If you want to have a unique website but not necessarily invest a chunk of money at one time, then your next best option is building your website on top of a template. This means choosing a template from any of your preferred website building platforms (like the ones mentioned above) and invest in personalizing it. This means you save quite a bit on the overall web development and domain perspective but also have a website which isn't the generic template. This will cost you less than creating a website from scratch and on top of that you can still find a freelance designer (or even a friend) who can help with this task. The best part of this is that you can update individual aspects by yourself with the editor tools of the platform you decide to use on your own to tweak things later.

Summing Up

If you don't want to cash out a few thousands of dollars on a website right now, that is completely fine, and you have a variety of options to consider depending on your needs and price range. The main options we prefer are getting one for free from a website building platform, with the option of customizing later, and deciding to outsource in order to catch the best deals in the market along with a broad range of skilled specialists from all around the world.

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