It's no surprise that freelancing is the hot new trend that's benefiting both employers and the freelancers themselves. Freelancers prefer choosing their own prices, schedules, and clients while employers benefit from the lower prices and having less strings attached. With more and more freelancers entering the market, you may not know exactly where to start from if you want to hire a freelancer which meets your needs. For that reason, we'll hint at 3 places where you can find talented freelancers.

Word of Mouth


In the freelance world, you need a good reputation to have a steady client flow which is why word of mouth matters. Successful freelancers are visible the majority of the time to their potential clients, you just need to be attentive. Ask around a few people who have previously gotten a freelance task completed and this will help you out a lot. Since more people are trusting freelancers with their projects, you should be able to get at least one recommendation from anyone you ask. With this, you'll also get a direct understanding of the recommender's personal experience to know if you should consider working with the freelancer or not.

Freelance Platforms


If the previous step didn't really work out for you, then you can't go wrong with freelance platforms. Well, because that's exactly where freelancers for hire "hang out" in a way. Specific platforms to check out are: Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, and PeoplePerHour. For the sake of quantity, you'll find lots of freelancers specialized in many spheres, but it's best to look through portfolios and ensure quality as well instead of running towards the cheapest offer. It's prefered that you check out these platforms first before social media since they offer more details about the freelancer such as previous client reviews, experience, portfolios, and safer payment methods. Social media isn't the first place you should look if you are searching for quality guarantees.

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Search Agencies


A lot more digital and outsourcing agencies are hiring freelances now than you might imagine. They mostly look for the best freelancers in the market and offer a stable client base for more long-term cooperation. It's a win/win for both parties. This means that once again you will be able to find a high quality freelancer for project-based or long-term work with similarly affordable prices. The best part of agencies, like Odd Republic for example, is that they will take the responsibility of the project in their own hands. You won't need to worry about planning, overseeing the process, or payment scheduling since most agencies will assign you to a project manager to take care of all this.

Summing Up

No matter where you decide to look eventually, there's no hiding from freelancers. Just make sure you ask for a portfolio to review first before making any quick choices as tempting as they may seem. By hiring a freelancer you can look not only locally, but internationally as well to have a larger selection. Finding a freelancer which meets your quality and pricing needs is just as special as making a new friend, you just need to look in the right places.